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10 Practical Suggestions On How To Get Article Writing Jobs

Are you in the process of trying to get a writing job, but don’t know what considerations must be made? Then you need to familiarize yourself with that you need to think about. Only then will you have the success that is required to make a living from it, and even earn a lot of money. With that thought in mind here are 10 practical suggestions to keep in mind:

  1. Samples: make sure that you create some samples that potential clients can take a look at. If you have high quality samples, then your chances of landing the job will be significantly higher.
  2. Biding sites: register on a number of bidding sites where freelancers can find work. The more sites you register to the better, and ensure that you create an attractive looking profile.
  3. Contact details: after you finish an assignment with a particular client you should keep their contact details so that you can work for them in the future.
  4. Feedback: on biding sites ask clients to leave you a review, so if you do a good job others can see you are a great writer:
  5. E-mails: you could potentially send out a lot of emails to internet marketing agencies and other similar companies to find work as a writer.
  6. Forums: there are many writing forums out there that can teach you the ropes when it comes to landing clients.
  7. Professionalisms: when you communicate with a client you have to show professionalism so that they can see you are a serious writer.
  8. Many niches: it is a good idea to write on many different topics because that will increase the scope of the different jobs that you can go for.
  9. Price: it is a good idea to set a minimum price and stick to it. There are many jobs out there that pay a very low fee and they are not worth going for.
  10. Deadlines: tell clients that you can provide quick deadlines if you can in fact do so. Some clients will value the speed of delivery as much as the quality of a project so keep in that in mind when making an application.

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