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What Is A Freelance Medical Writer: Instructions For Beginners

Medical writers or medical communicators can be proofreaders, supervisors, project managers, full time writers, practitioners or from any profession with a clear and vast knowledge about biology, medicine and the medical society in which he is staying in. Freelance Writers can do statistical analysis, publication layout or even do research.

How many types of medical practitioners are there?

Freelance Medical writers can primarily be based on their academic qualification, research skill, and qualification. Experience also takes a huge decision in distinguishing medical writers. There are diversified medical writers depending on the various skills they possess. Primarily let’s just say that there are two types: scientific and non-scientific writers.

Scientific contents are specialized articles which require detailed knowledge and are aimed for medical or scientific audiences. These writers usually hold a degree in basic or clinical science field.

Non­scientific medical writers usually work on communications assignments with less technical content, such as medical or health articles for magazines or newspapers, patient education materials, or marketing products. These writers may write for professional or general audiences. They have to be clear in what they write and should convey the information clearly through his article. It is an additional advantage to have a degree in journalism, communications, English or a related discipline in humanities. They often learn about the medicines by becoming a medical writer. Good writing skill is required.

Becoming a successful freelance medical writer

  • Knowledge of medicine by studying about it or developing a knack towards it. You have to like the subject to get into details. Academic qualifications won’t matter then.
  • Ability to write: Medical writers don’t need to write like Hemmingway, but simple sentence construction and clear concept is expected through writing.
  • Solid computer skills for writing and doing research. Proper research can lead the way.
  • Education: College degree in journalism, medicine, science, pharmacy, English, or other related field. A good education background will give you more job opportunities but there is no substitute to hard work.
  • Deadline orientation.
  • How do I become a freelance medical writer?

    As we have discussed already about people coming and joining as medical freelance writers from different field, but in the last decade many institutions are offering degree/certificate in medical communication. It is not mandatory to enter the field, but specialization in the field does not sound so bad and it is worth a try. Freelance writers may work for a company or on a contract basis for a specific client.


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