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How To Find A Freelance Writing Job: Recommendations For Teenagers

Do you think you are too young to earn money through freelancing? Do you believe no one will agree to hire a teenager to do the writing job online? The truth is, it’s never too early to start your career as a freelance writer. If you have a passion for writing, consider using your talent to your advantage. It’s a great opportunity to earn extra money, leaving enough space for your studies, hobbies, and socializing. Here are some recommendations on how to find your first freelance writing job, even if you are just an inexperienced teenager.

Start writing for your own blog.

If you are serious about being a freelance writer, you should approach the task seriously as well. Teen writers usually do not have rich portfolios to refer potential clients to. Therefore, it is necessary to write for free for some time. Devote your blog to something you are keen on, and it won’t be difficult to create interesting and original content for it. Your blog will ensure your online presence and serve as a solid portfolio.

Gather available samples for your portfolio.

It may seem that you have nothing to add to your freelance writer’s portfolio. The blog is only on a development stage, and you are a newbie in the field after all. Think big! There must be something you can use. These may be some of your best essays written for English classes, or, perhaps, you have written an article or two for your school newspaper. The more well-written samples you include in your portfolio, the higher chances are of convincing your client of your proficiency.

Communicate with successful freelance writers.

It is unlikely that you know any professionals in the field in your real life. You are just a teenager after all, and you are mainly socializing with your peers. However, it is always possible to communicate with professional freelancers online. Stick to their tips and ask them for advice. They may also share promising job leads with you.

Answer advertisements on freelancing platforms.

There are lots of websites for freelancers, and many job opportunities there. Look through them regularly and apply for the openings you feel you can fit well. These may be job offers connected with writing content for websites or reviews on some products. These types of openings usually do not require much experience, and you may push your luck. Of course, you won’t be immediately hired, and you will receive many refusals. Don’t get discouraged, keep persevering, and you will definitely succeed.


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