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Getting Started In Freelance Writing: A Brief Introduction For Newbies

It’s hard to begin a career in any field. Getting started in freelance writing might also seem challenging, as you have no experience, no sample works, and lack of understanding how to make things work out. A brief introduction for newbies below is composed in order to help you get a freelance writer position without experience. Every amateur freelancer should take the following steps in order to succeed:

  1. Gain some writing experience.
  2. You don’t get the writing job if you don’t write, so gain some experience and start preparing sample works for your portfolio. It makes sense to start your own blog. There is a possibility to register it for free, so you don’t have to spend money on a custom domain. Make sure to create an ‘about me’ and ‘hire me’ page.

  3. Volunteer for popular non-profit organizations.
  4. If you volunteer to write for a non-profit organization, you’ll gain the necessary writing experience and make your work visible to many different people, including your potential clients. You can visit the websites of organizations that operate in your area and check whether they need help of a freelance writer. Usually, writers update the websites of organizations, prepare advertising materials, write press releases, etc.

  5. Use social media to spread information about yourself and build a network.
  6. You should market yourself by using social media, so register with social sites, create your profiles, and keep them updated. Work on building a wide network of followers in the fields of freelance writing, publishing, and journalism. It makes sense to subscribe to blogs of successful writers, make comments, and learn how other writers develop their careers.

  7. Learn what writing jobs are available on the market.
  8. There are many freelance writing opportunities. The rates for different kind of jobs may vary significantly, so you should find out where to look for high-paying positions. It’s a good idea to investigate the market, prepare a list of potential clients, find their contacts, and send them your resume and sample works. Pay attention to open positions advertised in blogs and on online message boards.

  9. Get your first job.
  10. The first job should help you gain experience, improve your resume, and provide added benefits to your career. Though rates matter, you shouldn’t say ‘no’ for less money when you’re looking for your first position. Keep in mind that companies don’t like hiring freelancers without a list of completed projects, so you should use every job opportunity that you have.


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