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What Does A Freelance Writer Do: A Manual For Beginners

The world of freelance writing seems very glamorous to a lot of people who are stuck in a cycle of mundane shift working or a boring 9-5. It is also perceived as a pipedream, or that the people who choose to take control of their lives by pursuing such a path or flakes, and dreamers. In essence, some people simply refuse to acknowledge that it is a viable career option.

Not that you should ever have to explain yourself even for one second. However, if you are curious to find out a little bit more about this misunderstood career path…and want to silence your critics here is a beginner's manual to the wonderful world of freelance writing:

  • Writes…
  • Here’s an obvious answer to an obvious question. They write, either as a hobby or in order to make a full-time living. The kind of material that they write depends vastly upon how long they have been working as a freelancer and their own personal preferences. For example, they might write content for websites and business brochures. They might write reports. They might even ghostwrite short stories and novels. The possibilities are endless.

  • When do they do it?
  • Whenever they have work, and their lifestyle allows. If they have tight deadlines to meet, then they might find themselves working around the clock in order to hit it. Other days may be quieter, and they will have freedom to do as they choose.

  • Are they totally in control?
  • Yes, absolutely they are in control of their schedule and how much work they take on. However, as I have already alluded to, they also have to meet and manage their client expectations. They are in control in so much as they choose how much work they accept. However, with this comes responsibility. In order to build a good reputation, it is vital that deadlines are honored.

  • How much will they earn each year?
  • That varies considerably from person to person. How much effort they are willing to invest in building their career will directly influence their earning potential. Someone might only ever do one job for a few dollars, or they may go on to earn $40k per year. The beauty of this career is that there is unlimited potential.

  • Do they just sit back drinking Mojitos all day?
  • I wish! Working from home is very rewarding, but not that rewarding! Of course, you have the freedom to set your own hours but ultimately you also have a wage to earn. That is not going to be achieved by chilling on a beach with cocktail in hand.


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