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How Not To Miss Good Freelance Writing Job Opportunities

One of the best to make sure that you do not miss out on any good freelance writing job opportunities is make sure that you take time each day to do a job search. You may find that you are very busy but it is always a good investment of your time and effort.

  • Also take some time to check out the competition. Again this is a wise investment of your time. Look to see what information other freelances give about themselves, what makes them successful? What skills and experience do they have?
  • Make sure that you periodically update your CV. Also make sure that you check the work that you have included in your portfolio, add work that you have had good feedback but make sure you do not include work for which you have signed a NDA.
  • Review your skills regularly. Do you need to update your skills or do you need to further your qualifications? E.g. you may already have some experience of doing some journalistic work but if you had a qualification in journalism you could command a higher fee for that type of job.
  • Share on social network sites positive recommendations that you have received from clients concerning the work that you have produced. Likewise if you have enjoyed working for a particular client let them know that you have appreciated working with them.
  • Be realistic about the amount of time that a job will take you. Overestimate rather than underestimate the time it will take you. If you are being paid hourly the client will be pleased that you have finished the work quicker than you had anticipated.
  • Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t propose that you will do a job for a fee that is far lower than you are actually worth.
  • If you do this you will only set a precedence for be offered low paid work no matter how skilled and qualified you are.
  • Enjoy the challenges that you may face. Every job will be different and bring challenges that you may not have experienced before. Freelance writing is never boring. Always act professionally.

Remember that one of the reasons that you have chosen to be a freelance writer is that you can choose who you will work with and choose which jobs that you would like to work on. Sometimes you will get on really well with a client and this will result in a long term relationship.


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