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How To Get Freelance Writing Jobs With No Experience: 10 Useful Tips

If you have decided that you want to be a freelance writer, but you have no experience in this area, you need to remember that your first attempts to find work can be quite difficult. To begin with, you need to have a clear idea of what you ae going to do. If you love reading a lot, absorb knowledge quickly, can analyze and compile information, you will have an easy start even if you have no experience.

So, let’s see how you can start your new career.

  1. Learn more about the job.
  2. To become a freelance writer, you need to know which texts are demanded by customers. Find out what rewriting (reproduction of existing texts in your own words) and copywriting (production of unique content) are.

  3. Join a training course.
  4. It’s an optional step, but you can find out a lot of new things there. These courses will teach you to compose informative texts and catchy headings, scatter keywords in your texts in a natural way, etc. In a nutshell, such a course can substitute real-time experience of writing.

  5. Get registered at an online marketplace.
  6. There are numerous marketplaces where writers offer their services and customers find the best authors for the content they require.

  7. Undertake several simple orders.
  8. Even if you are sure about your abilities and skills, you should start with small cheap orders just to see what is demanded.

  9. Choose areas that you know well.
  10. Give preference to spheres of life in which you are a specialist. Specialized texts that are written by non-professionals look very poor.

  11. Be accurate with orders.
  12. You should never violate terms that are agreed on with customers.

  13. Collect your works into a portfolio.
  14. Find out (from your customers) whether you can use the content you have sold them as samples for your portfolio. Write several articles from scratch, choosing random topics.

  15. Send your samples to customers at marketplaces.
  16. You are free to search for employers on your own. The only thing you need to keep in mind is the relevance of the samples you send them to their main requests.

  17. Send your samples to editors of publications.
  18. You are free to try to become a freelance reporter or even a travel writer for a journal or so.

  19. Never stop at one point.
  20. If you have posted several samples of your work at a marketplace, you should not get stuck on them until they are sold. Move on.


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