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Freelance Health Writing Positions: Useful Directions for Beginners

If you have decided to be a freelance writer, you are going to love your new career. You can write wherever you want, write as often as you wish, pick your topics, and be your own boss. With society being so focused on health, if that is the field you want to focus on, you are going to be able to locate many venues that need your help.

Places to Look for Work

  • Social Media Sites-many social media sites have a call-out for writers in this field. Just look around and send out notes of query about your interest in working for them.
  • Newspapers and Magazine-almost every newspaper/magazine, be it online or hardcopy, has a food and an exercise section.
  • Search Engine-the last search engine I performed on this field gave me a hit of over 100,000 websites. These websites will need copy and you will be just the person to do the job.
  • Third Party Freelance Companies-if you want someone else to do the searching for you, join a third party company or two. These companies work on a small fee basis. You will set up a profile and clients will ask you to work for them or you will bid you price on jobs that you are interested in. This is a safe way to go and due to an escrow system, you never have to chase your money or wait for your money. When the job is finished you are given your pay through a deposit system.
  • Marketing Companies-marketing companies employ a lot of writers and yes, some do employ freelance people when they have overflow. You can contact the businesses you are interested in and let them know your field of interest. They will then let you know when they have work for you. The down side is that if you deny a job, you usually do not get a callback on additional work. They do not want to spend time hinting for someone who might not work for them.

If you are interested in freelance health writing positions, use these directions and look for work at social media sites, newspapers and magazines, conduct an online search, join a freelance third party-style business, and talk to marketing companies. You will locate so much work at these different places that you will never have to look for jobs again!


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