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Freelance Writing And Editing Jobs: How To Make Good Money From Home

Writing and editing jobs are one of the few kinds of professional work that allow people to set their own schedule, work on as many or as few projects as they’d like, and get the work done all from the comfort of one’s home. Salary varies but generally the more experience you have doing this kind of work the better the pay will be. Here are some places to get started on this promising career:

Joining the Freelancing Community

A lot of writers and editors will start their careers by taking on a number of odd writing assignments from clients around the world. Freelancing websites makes this process a lot easier by allowing professionals to create in-depth profiles and online portfolios that potential clients can easily browse. The websites make finding and bidding on jobs tremendously easy, usually requiring just a few minutes each day to make connections with potential customers. People who start with freelancing should remember that it’s important that all information is updated frequently, since anything that is left alone for too long will eventually rank lower in web searches.

Looking for Academic-Based Project Jobs

Another great place to find writing and editing jobs that will allow you to make good money at home is through academic-based projects. This means taking on academic assignments such as essays or term papers in an ongoing basis throughout the school year. One can post services for students through online classifieds or take a more direct approach and advertise on campus job or message boards. The key is to make sure that you will be doing a lot of topic specific work and will be required to do some research or reading before you are able to write a specific assignment. If you are always looking to expand your mind on various topics, then this kind of work would be good for you.

Working for a Professional Writings Service

An extension of academic writing jobs can be found in online professional companies, which take on dozens of assignments from students each day. These businesses will provide consistent work throughout the year and can keep tremendously busy during the school year. Be sure you brush up on various topics since you’re likely to receive job requests in several disciplines. Your experience writing these kinds of assignments will lead to more work and can open your business up to taking on more private jobs for higher pay.


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