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The Complete Guide To The Types Of Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance writing jobs hold enormous scope to earn money. Have a look at the varied types of online writing jobs that you can associate yourself with-

  1. Web content: There are mammoth numbers of website companies that are looking for incredible writers to stock implausible contents to influence gargantuan number of readers with rich and real contents. Many websites pay high and require keyword affluent content to drive the traffic. Freelance writers should look into “Write for us” section and “click on the link” column to apply. As such they do not require any professional degree and if you have some experience in this field, it serves great purpose.
  2. Web copy: Freelance writers can also write web copies where they are suppose to write for generating sales for some brands or for spawning for promotional purposes etc. Such jobs are advertised by the site owners or web masters and you can contact them by writing an email offering a letter of introduction.
  3. Blogs: Blogging jobs are thriving immensely. Not only individuals but blog networks are hiring freelance writers a lot. The best part is that they get lucrative incentives too. Most of the individuals who are web property owners, private clients with huge and small corporations are looking for freelance bloggers. Experience is not mandatory but is an asset.
  4. News Reporters: If you can sniff out stories from the unexpected events and offer it glamorous structure, magazines and newspapers hire you immediately. A degree in Mass Communication and journalism is mandatory and experience is must if you want to associate yourself with a prestigious newspaper.
  5. Newspaper Columnist: Though most newspaper columnist do not earn high enough but if you have an extraordinary talent, fun and gig columns can takes you to summit positions. Branded newspapers require experience while smaller and local newspapers do not.
  6. Magazine freelancer: If you write really better in your initial assignments, you can make a bigger and better place. Get featured in renowned magazines and publications and world starts recognizing your name. enormous writers vying for such positions and only a few ones are fortunate. However, keep trying and do not be discouraged by rejections. To get hired, pick various online writing magazines and see how authors send their pitches. Experience is not necessary but it can be a great help on times.

Apart from all the above mentioned fields, there are many other types of writing that a writer can try such as ghost writing, non-profit writing, real estate writing, grant writing, essay writing, business plan writing, press releases, technical writing, E- Book writing, research writing , speech writing etc.


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