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What Is Freelance Writing: A Manual For Dummies

As the job market becomes harder for the average person, many new ways of earning cash are also being found. One of the most popular new job types is arguably freelance writing and many wonder if its really a viable job option. There may be many misconceptions about freelancing, most given to us by invasive ads on our web browsers promising overnight wealth for a deceptively small fee.

Many have people have managed to earn decent wages as a freelancer and I will now outline 5 facts about freelance writing for dummies:

  1. It is work like like other
  2. Don’t be fooled by the ads, working from home can earn you lots of money, but it won’t come simply by purchasing a starter kit. As a writer, you will be required to work as hard as anyone with a regular job, even harder in some cases. Because of the task oriented nature of this employment type, along with close deadlines, you may find yourself putting in more hours than you did when you worked at your previous job.

  3. It is competitive
  4. The usual process of job acquisition involves placing bids on job offers posted by various people and companies. As a result, persons in countries with weak currencies are often willing to work for lower average wages, keeping overall payments on the lower end of the spectrum. This can significantly lower your earnings, especially if you live in the United States.

  5. The benefits are real
  6. Despite the harsh environment, one can make substantial wages as a freelancer if they manage themselves well. The ability to stack hours of work into limited days means you can double your income by working twice as hard. When jobs are available you have the ability to generate high income in short periods of time and this may be the most appealing aspect of this form of employment.

  7. Insecure job
  8. Though there will always be a need for writers on average, there are short periods of time when no work or very little work is available and your income can suffer as a result. This is a very real concern for persons with a family or someone renting where one week without an income can jeopardize a person’s lifestyle.

  9. Health risks
  10. Using a computer and looking at a screen for extended periods of time can cause long term health problems. Given the usual bulk nature that freelance writing usually requires, this is a serious threat.


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