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Discovering Freelance Writing Opportunities: The Main Do's And Don'ts

Dos for freelance writer to find his relevant job

  1. Develop your skill set and specify certain areas that you want to excel in. This can be the ones that you are most proficient in
  2. Improve your writing by practicing different assignments on your own. Make a habit of writing a few hundred words everyday whether you have a job or not. This will help improve your writing style and expression
  3. Read work of other authors in your industry to understand the strengths and weaknesses for professional writing.
  4. Join platforms and communities for writers and learn from the experience of others. You may also find relevant jobs and potential clients on these platforms
  5. Develop a strong portfolio so that potential clients can assess your skills based on your work samples
  6. Prefer business terms over money
  7. Sign a non-disclosure agreement when necessary

Don’ts as a freelance writer looking for a writing opportunity

  1. Never commit to something you cannot do. It is stupid to commit to tasks that do not match your skill set. Employers and organizations are looking to pay because they want to hire a professional. If you do not have the skill or required qualification then do not bid or commit to such jobs
  2. Do not waste your and others time. If you think, some task is not suitable for you or you cannot seem to complete for the given budget or timeline, then you should tell it to the client. Instead of delaying the assignment and wasting time, you should be honest and straightforward.
  3. Do not use copied materials in your assignments because no one likes to pay for plagiarism. Your client is looking of unique papers that they can use somewhere under their company or own name. It can have worse consequences if you include plagiarized materials in your paper
  4. Never submit an assignment without proof reading. Make a habit of proofreading everything you write whether for yourself or for your clients. This can improve the quality and presentation of your paper on a great level.
  5. Do not ignore client specifications because without them you will never be able to complete your task. Even if you write a very high quality paper, it will be worthless if it does not match the requirements in terms of tone, word count, approach, research materials etc.

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