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How To Avoid Scams Looking For Freelance Writing Jobs

If you are looking for freelance writing jobs on the Internet, the chances of running into a scam are very high. It is particularly true if you are new in the industry and desperate to earn money as a writer. Be careful when looking through job ads and don’t answer all tempting job offers you get. Here are some tips that will help you spot scams on this unexplored and promising career path.

What to Watch Out For

  • Beware of job offers that sound too good to be true.
  • Ignore the ads that are written in marketing language and are obviously hyperbolic. For example, if you are promised to get an unreasonably high pay and no specific skills of yours are required, that’s definitely a scam. Such websites don’t want to hire you, but they want to sell you something. At best, you’ll buy a primitive e-book on how to improve your freelance writing skills. At worst, you’ll get nothing.

  • Avoid the services that want you to pay for job leads.
  • There are lots of websites offering to share prospective job opportunities if you join them for a couple of dollars. You are usually required to subscribe to receive new openings in the field or become a member of the service. After you join, a fee will be charged off from your account on a monthly basis and the job leads you’ll get won’t be worth your attention.

  • Keep away from the clients that ask you to write for free.
  • There are lots of unscrupulous website owners who want to get unique content for free. They usually require that you write an original sample or do a test writing assignment for free. As a result, your work is published somewhere on the Web and the scam client disappears. Legitimate employers usually ask freelance writers to show the samples of their published articles or pay for the test assignments.

What to Look For

Always do some background research on the company offering the job. As a rule, fake employers don’t have professional websites and are unknown. You are likely to find negative reviews about scam services as well. Therefore, give preference to:

  • The companies that are recognizable and popular;
  • The clients that are positively assessed by freelancers on the Internet;
  • The job ads that are detailed and specific;
  • The employers that can be easily contacted and whose job ads include: mobile and landline telephone numbers, a street address, a URL address, e-mail, etc.;
  • Reasonable and firm pay rates.

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