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How To Write A Cover Letter For A Freelance Writing Job: Basic Hints

If you have some basic skills of English or any other subject and you have talent of writing then you must be thinking about freelance content writing and for that you will obviously have to apply to some places. For freelance writing your proof of skill hugely depends on the appearance of application letter. So you need to be very much careful about writing any cover letter for freelance writing. There are a very few basic things that you should keep in mind while writing any kind of cover letter.

  • What a cover letter should contain?
  • First of all introduce yourself properly with clear language and highlight the positive things about you. Mention the kind of job you want and your requirement and also mention some constraints that you have. Try to compare with your skill and experiences with their requirement and state that with proof. Try to highlight the points which match with their requirements. Your cover letter should be interesting and catchy and you will have to make points such that readers are encouraged by your writing only to read the resume. Do not forget to mention any call to action that is requesting for any particular time for interview.

  • Word or line limit of any freelance writing cover letter
  • There is no such rule about any particular word limit or line limit about the freelance content writing cover letter but you should be very much careful about that. A cover letters should be less than five hundred words and it should not be more than a page. You should summarize information about yourself. Another thing you should keep in mind is that you should not use any cover letter for different jobs. Find out whom you should address. Do not address the letter to someone which is general or common for any kind of jobs.

  • Speak their language to get more attention in freelance
  • From the advertisement itself you will have to understand their requirement and using some things that is particularly suitable for them is a very good way to convince the reader. Try to show your skills to some relevant things which they want.

  • Mention how they will contact you
  • Your freelance cover letter should obviously contain the details contact information. Do not forget to mention to go through your resume and ask them for interview. It is better to write it as the last sentence.


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