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Composing A Proper Resume For Freelance Writing Jobs Online: Basic Tips

No matter what career path you choose to follow, composing a proper resume is an absolutely vital step in the process, and this also holds true for writing jobs online. If you need some help composing an excellent resume to find online writing jobs, spend a few minutes reading these basic tips on the topic.

Remember why you need a resume

The main purpose of a resume is to advertise yourself and your skills to potential employers and clients, so don’t forget why you need to create an outstanding one. A few other reasons you need a good CV is to pass any screening processes, to use as a cover for your completed job applications, to give to potential employers when they require some more information about you, and to establish you as a professional in your chosen career.

It is not your autobiography

Another important point to remember about your CV is that it is not your autobiography; so don’t include your entire life history. This will just put potential employers off, as it may appear that you don’t have any real experience or qualifications and you’re just trying to fill the empty space. It’s also worth noting that a CV is not some type of self-expression or personal statement, it’s a professional document to help you advertise your skills.

What to include

As a resume is a formal document, there are certain pieces of information that you need to include. The following is a list of that vital information

  • Personal details
  • Contact details
  • Previous related work experience
  • Skills, education and qualifications
  • Computer skills
  • Other relevant accomplishments

Tailor it to suit the position you’re applying for

Before you submit your CV, spend a bit of time tailoring it to suit the position you’re applying for. Try to frame all your information to suit the position the potential employer is trying to fill. Ensure that all your previous related work experience and relevant accomplishments are listed, and try to remove any irrelevant information.

A word on dishonesty

It may be tempting to pad your resume a little, either by overstating your skills or by including skills you don’t actually possess. Don’t ever do this, no matter how tempted you are. Not only is it unethical, but it could also severely damage your reputation in the industry. Rather be honest about your skills and experience, and find a writing job online that you are actually qualified to do.


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