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Freelance Writing Jobs For College Students: How To Find Great Opportunities

If you’re a college student and you want to earn some extra money, becoming a freelance writer is a good idea. You’ll have flexible working hours and you’ll deal only with clients that you want to deal with. To start your writing career successfully, you’ll need to learn a few vital tips that are advisable to follow.

Making Preparations

  1. Choose your niche.
  2. Since you’re a college student, you often deal with academic papers. If you earn high scores for your academic assignments, you may choose to become an academic writer and help other people with composing their papers.

  3. Start your portfolio.
  4. To prove that you can write great papers, you should have some examples. You may compose papers for other students from your college. Keep electronic versions of these papers to use them as evidence of your competency level in the future.

  5. Create your web page.
  6. Start a blog or create a website (if you have such an opportunity) and leave your contact details there. Mention that you provide services related to academic writing and indicate your terms and prices. Make sure that your potential customers can download your sample papers from your web page.

Spreading the Word and Finding Clients

  1. Take advantage of social networks.
  2. To make more people notice you and your services, you should register on several social networks and link your web page to your accounts. You should also ask your friends to help you spread the word across the web. Join freelance academic writing communities within social networks to speak with other writers and search for potential customers.

  3. Go to job boards.
  4. These websites contain a lot of gigs and vacancies for academic writers. If you leave your contact details on a job board and indicate the services that you provide, it’s likely that sooner or later somebody will contact you. Searching for posts of potential clients and contacting them first is also a good idea.

  5. Contact academic writing companies.
  6. There are many online agencies that have many writers in their staff and provide their customers with writing and editing services. You may send an email to such a company offering your services as an academic writer and giving a link to your web page. If your skills are good enough you’ll be able to become a member of their staff and will receive regular orders from their clients.

Follow the tips above and you’re likely to start a successful career that will bring you only benefits.


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