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Where To Look For Freelance Writing Jobs Related To Real Estate

If you have experience in the real estate sector and are looking for something to do, you should consider searching for a writing job related to real estate. There are a plethora of options in regard to the writing opportunities related to the real estate. You can write for magazines, blogs or real estate sites. You can also create an eBook on the sector and offer it for sale. Here are some tips on where to get freelance writing jobs related to the real estate.

National Newspaper and magazines

There are many online as well as mainstream newspapers and magazines that have columns dedicated to the real estate sector. You can start pitching to have your articles published in such newspapers and magazines. However, you will need to make a good choice of a topic. The topics may range from decorating a small room to the tax-deferred exchanges. You can also write on the housing trends in your locality.

The trade magazines prefer freelancer writers who have specialty in a particular field. Consumer magazines on the other hand can be easy to have your article published. However, they will still need writers who are knowledgeable and therefore, you will need to show high level of expertise in the area you intend to write about. If you do not have a real estate base, you can always create one in areas such as contracts, zoning, taking titles, laws etc. It is also worth noting that real estate will be different from one area to another. You will need to go through the consumer and trade publications so as to stay updated on the trending topics of your state. You will need to understand the local market, new as well as the revised market and the interest rates.

Websites and blogs

There are chances that the local real estate website may require an article for their website or blog. You can find out from the local agent or broker whether they need some original content for their website or blog. In case they do, they will pay you as a ghostwriter.

Freelancing websites

You can also apply for gigs as a real estate writer in the freelancing sites such as People-Per-Hour, Upwork and These sites have a lost list of current jobs which you can apply. Once you show your level of expertise in the field, it will be possible for you to get your first job as a freelance writer in the real estate industry.


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