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Internet Brands With Freelance Writing Jobs – How To Find The Best Position Online

Finding work as a freelance writer online with internet brands involves doing a little research. In other words, freelance writers need to do their homework in understanding reputable writing opportunities and how to apply for them. This is important since some writing job openings are found in different sources such as job lead websites, writing magazines and even word-of-mouth. Some writing jobs are not advertised so you need to know where to look.

Define Writing Positions and Interests You Want to Do as a Freelancer Writer

There are hundreds of writing opportunities online for freelance writers. This is a good time to really think about what you want to do and how your interests fit. There are writing positions available such as blog writing, article writing, editing and so forth. Think about what you see yourself doing as a freelance writer and have an idea of the demand. You can also provide content for social media pages as many businesses hire writers to produce sales copy, motivational content and more.

Get Tips on Reputable Job Lead Sites for Freelance Writing Jobs

There are different job lead sources online you should become familiar with as they offer leads and tips to writing jobs. You can get such information from fellow freelance writers through writer forums and groups. There are book and magazine publications for writers providing insight on where to go and how to apply. Look for newsletters you can sign up for through writing blogs to stay updated on writing options available. Such sources are important as some brands don’t publicize their writing opportunities but share such information through reputable writing websites.

Know How to Pitch Your Skills Effectively

When you find positions matching your skills and experience you should feel comfortable pitching yourself. This means if you find suitable positions with brands you see yourself providing quality copy you may have a good chance of landing the job. Have a few brands in mind you want to produce content for. Study their content to get an idea of writing style and voice. Have samples to use to show your abilities and have a good cover page with your proposal to help you land the job. Keep in mind some brands may not offer earnings but your name could get good exposure.


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