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7 Keys To Getting Great Fashion Freelance Writing Jobs

When you go online to look for writing jobs in your niche, especially for fashion, you’ll want to know where to look. It’s not very productive to spend hours of your time looking in places where marketing or news writing jobs are usually found. Some of the basic freelance writing sites cater to all kinds of writers, but your best choice is to go where there are companies looking for fashion writers like you.

  1. Even though this isn’t the most productive place to look, go to the generic sites where clients are looking to hire someone to write for them. You will have to use the search function on their site in order to find the right categories. It’s worth a look and sometimes you might get lucky and find a good job there.

  2. Make sure your resume is prepared and in great condition before you put up your profile. Then when prospective clients are browsing your profile they will see your credentials and want to hire you. This goes for any site you are going on to find the writing jobs.

  3. Contact owners of online fashion magazines. They are always looking for guest writers. Once you’ve written for them a few times you will have a good reputation with them and they will want to hire you on a regular basis before you know it.

  4. Don’t write for pennies. This is a common mistake writers make when first starting out. Yes, you may want to get that first gig and are willing to take it at a discounted pay, but be careful not to stoop too low. Otherwise people will assume you will work for cheap.

  5. Approach websites that publish new fashion content onto their blogs on a regular basis by contacting the website owner. They probably don’t do all the writing themselves and often will hire it out to other people to write. Even if you are writing as a guest blogger for free at first, your name will get published online and you can use that on your resume.

  6. Believe in yourself. Be creative and be yourself. Let your own creative style shine through and people will notice you and seek you out for your writing abilities.

  7. Just do it. It’s one thing to know what your plan of action should be and another to carry it out.

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