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How To Get Freelance Writing Jobs Online: Best Advice Ever

Gone are those days when it was practically tough to land a meaningful freelance writing jobs – those days when you had to physically mail queries to editors or attended various Chamber of Commerce gatherings with the intention to introduce yourself to as many marketing managers as possible. All you need now is good internet connection and a personal computer and you have thousands of online writing jobs before you. Yes, there are lots of writing opportunities but the main work lies in getting hired to do a writing job that pays a substantial amount. It is not always easy, especially if you don’t know how to go about it.

There is no need for you to give up on your desire to be a full-time freelance writer because you can still do it. Listed below are some tips to help you get writing jobs online. They are:

  • Be Selective: A lot of people make the mistake of applying to every writing gig that pops up, which is not proper. Instead of doing that, only apply to those jobs you know suit your experience or qualifications. It can also be something you love writing about. This way, you maximize your chances of getting hired to do a job that pays well.
  • Stand Out: If you are applying to a company as a freelance writer, ensure you go through their website to get a feel of their main writing style. Apply this same writing style to your application. Believe me, this will immediately set you apart from other applicants who must have written and submitted a generic application.
  • Avoid Crowded Job Boards: If you really want to make a head-way, it is time to change gears. Start searching for freelance writing jobs in niche boards. You have your qualifications and experience. Put them into good use by searching for jobs that require that expertise you possess. You can even opt for paid industry-specific job platforms to maximize your chances of getting hired to write online.
  • Flaunt Your Skills and Knowledge: This is allowed in your application. If for example, a job opening is for writing of blog posts on nutrition and you are a nutritionist, don’t waste time in letting them know why you are unique and suitable for the job opening. List out every single knowledge you have in their sector.

As you gear up to get freelance writing jobs online, ensure that your portfolio is ready and most importantly, don’t submit generic applications to jobs – always make them unique to the job requirements.


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