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Where To Look For Good Part-Time Freelance Technical Writing Jobs: Vital Advice

Who is a freelancer?

A freelance writer is a writer working on a self-employed basis. He or she can work for either just one magazine or as they in real world work for several publications at a single point of time. It is all about the diversity of a writer. How diverse a writer can be and with that increases the opportunity of being published and paid for the work done.

Usually these writers work for companies or individuals on a project or contract basis depending upon the need of the project. These kinds of writings are of various types like:

  • Business writings
  • Marketing writings
  • Web writings
  • Academic writings

Depending upon the writers, the focus can be on writing for newspapers, magazines, anthologies or non profit organisations.

Being one of the most attractive job types in today’s time, the determination of wage in these types of jobs are very important and critical for the writer. Usually the charges for freelance writings vary a lot depending upon their basis.

These kinds of writings can be paid on the basis of hours, words, or pages. Generally the most popular mode of determination is either hours or words. So the more hours you work or the more words you write, the more you can earn easily.

Another very significant part to these kinds of writings is plagiarism. This means copying the work of another form the internet or any other source. This is strictly not allowed in this field.

Where to look for good and high paid freelancing jobs?

Since the profession of freelancing is increasing by the day, its popularity is also increasing. More and more people are trying look for such jobs to earn a little extra income by staying at home.

The most common place to look for such jobs is on the internet. Most of the companies post for the vacancy for writers on the internet. On various portals, such ads are present looking writers who can work from home and who are also paid handsome amounts.

Another popular location where such jobs are widely advertised is the newspaper. In the classified section, many related jobs are published seeking for fresh and new talent. And the biggest advantage of this job is that it does not need any formal documentation.

Having a flare for writing, one can easily earn a lot by even staying home.


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