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Looking For Well-Paid Jobs For Freelance Speech Writers

Freelance writing is an increasingly well-paying career path if you’re a skilled, talented writer. Even without a degree in English or journalism, you can easily find clients who are willing to pay you to write high-quality content for them. Most of the freelance jobs and gigs people commonly pursue involve writing for the Internet. Company websites constantly need web page copy, blog articles, downloadable whitepapers, and other types of brand-related content. However, one subset of freelance writing that often goes overlooked is speech writing. If you have a flair for writing speeches and dialogue, you can make a considerable amount of money writing speeches for various clients. Speech writing is a specialized subset of freelancing, and it can be challenging to break into it if you’re not experienced with writing spoken pieces. Here are some tips for where to find well-paid speech writing jobs.

  • Search on freelance bidding sites. Bidding sites are one of the easiest places to find all different kinds of freelance writing jobs. On sites like Odesk and Elance, you can easily search for “speech” or “speech writing” to find listings looking for these services.
  • If you’ve never written a speech before, try writing a sample. Samples give your prospective clients an idea of your writing style and proficiency. If you’ve never been hired to write a speech before, you can easily create a mockup to demonstrate that you know how to write one.
  • Network in real life, as much as you can. Freelancers commonly report that real-life networking leads to higher-paying jobs than those that you find on bidding sites, Craigslist, and other sources of work. Networking is easier said than done, but reach out to your contacts to see if anyone knows someone who’s looking for a speech writer.
  • Consider writing video scripts as well. In addition to speeches, per se, many clients also need someone to write up a script for a YouTube video. This type of writing is similar to speech writing, and may also interest you.
  • List “speech writing” as one of your specializations. This applies to bidding sites, as well as social networking platforms like LinkedIn. Be sure to advertise that you offer speech writing services.
  • Ask if you can use a speech you wrote in your portfolio. Having speech writing work in your portfolio will help you find more work. If you’re writing your first speech, ask your client if you can list it in your portfolio. They won’t always say yes, but if they do, it’s a valuable addition to your body of work.

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