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Part Time Freelance Writing: How To Get Enough Money

Making enough money as a freelance writer is never an easy thing to do. In the beginning, finding clients and learning how to manage projects can be difficult for newbies. As the writer progresses in their career, they will have to learn how to choose between different projects and set rates that afford them a decent standard of living.

In the Beginning

Initially, the writer will need to take most projects that are offered to them. Although the pay rate may be lower, these projects will be a vital source of income for the writer. In addition, these early projects can be used in the writer's portfolio. High-dollar clients will seldom pay a writer who cannot demonstrate the quality of their work, so a decent portfolio is a must-have. The writer should find clients that are in their niche topic area and work hard to get good reviews.

Create a Personal Blog or Website

One of the main ways that a writer can reach out to new clients is through a personal blog or website. This website can be catered to a certain subject like health, business or financial writing. By doing this, the writer will make sure that the clients that find them will actually have projects available that the writer can do. As an added bonus, this personal website may also bring in additional advertising revenue that the writer can use as a baseline income.

Start Part-Time

For many newbies, making the leap to full-time writing can be a scary and daunting process. Rather than make the leap and hope for the best, writers should start working part-time in the beginning. By keeping their day job, the writer can make sure that they actually have a steady stream of income to fall back on. Since writing will just be a secondary source of income, part-time writers can afford to be choosy in the type of project that they take and the rates that they set.

Be Ready to Work for Content Mills

If the writer wants to jump in head first, they have to be prepared to take less than enjoyable projects. Although the pay per word is low, content mills offer a valuable, consistent income stream. Writers who still have bills to pay may want to sign up for several of these content mills when they begin the career. Although they may never need this source of income, having it as an option is a way to make sure that the writer can stay afloat financially during slow months.


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