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Where To Look For Good Virtual Freelance Writing Jobs

Getting started in the freelance writing industry is never an easy task for new writers. To break into the industry, newbies can try for some of the virtual freelance writing jobs. With these positions, the writer can generally work on their own schedule from anywhere in the world. Later on, these experiences can be used as job experience for magazine writing positions, newspaper articles or other work.

  • Start With Content Sites
  • Although some writers advise against using a content mill, they are actually a decent way to break into the industry. These websites typically pay a few pennies per word, but they offer consistent, reliable work. The writer can use these sites to learn the ins and outs of the industry while getting paid. Later on, they can use the content mill as a backup source of income. There are always slow times for writing during the year, so having a backup source of income is a must-have for any freelancer.

  • Try Out Bidding Sites
  • Like content mills, bidding sites carry some issues. Often, clients pay very low rates and require excessively strange or grammatically incorrect search keywords. Despite this drawback, there are some good clients on these websites. Writers basically need to create a profile for one of the websites and bid on projects. With a proposal, they normally submit their general work history as well as the time line for the project. Writers should keep in mind that they will not get many responses when they first begin. As they begin to develop a job history on this site, they will be able to get more, better paid projects.

  • Create a Website
  • One of the easiest ways to reach out to potential clients is to create a niche website. The writer should consider the type of industry that they want to work in. While some writers specialize in scientific fields, other writers may want to write articles about hairstyles, finance or health. The writer should pick a specific niche and write articles about the topic. On the site, they should also post their rates and a way to contact them for projects. In addition to serving as an easy marketing device, a website can be monetized using ads or affiliate marketing. Due to this, the site can actually end up being a source of income for the writer. The writer can use the website to earn money, reach out to clients and as a digital portfolio for prospective clients.


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