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In Search Of Freelance Writing Opportunities For Beginners

If you are looking for your first freelance writing gig, you would get some peace of mind if I tell you that landing a job only meant for independent contractors is no rocket science in this day and age. There are at least a hundred places where you can get exciting freelancing contracts. I have clubbed some of these sources under broader categories for your easy further reference.

The freelancing websites

There’s a widespread notion among the freelancing community, especially among those who have just started off their freelancing career, that the freelancing contracts are only available for the experienced ones and beginners have an invisible ‘no entry’ board hung before them. They think that it is always a win-win situation for those who have wealth of experience and there is little room for beginners. Let me tell you that this is a completely wrong idea based on empirical data and holds no real value. This is because there are many employers who only look for beginners, of course for their own financial benefits as beginners usually charge much less (point to be noted).

Make a great resume

If you want to stand out in the crowd of freelancing contractors, you need to make a great resume, something which would properly highlight your educational qualification, your strengths, the workshops you attended, the internships you did and everything that a potential employer might want to know about you. Keep it short, succinct and clean.

About rates

Like I mentioned in the last sentence of the first tip (see above), you need to decide on your pricing policy very carefully. Think about this. Why should an employer pay you a little or much above the market average? You are no experienced guy who can deliver impeccable quality (of course we can, but let’s take in consideration the perspective of a potential employer). Therefore, you need to prove your mettle as you move forward and somewhere down the line, you will also land a high-priced job. However, as a beginner, you need to charge much less than the professionals. Think realistically.

If you are still confused about how to break in a freelance career, I suggest you work on your networking skills. As a matter of fact, social networking sites are the best hunting grounds for wannabe freelancing professionals as a lot of your contacts might need your professional services but you are still just another contact in their contact lists. Give it a thought.


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