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Tips For Beginners Looking For Well-Paid Freelance Writing Jobs

If you are just taking your first steps as a freelancer, you may feel rather confused and frustrated. It isn’t strange. Beginners in the field often don’t know how to get their first writing jobs. Moreover, even if they get them, it turns out that their efforts don’t pay back and it seems that making a living writing is just a pipedream. Fortunately, there are lots of well-paid writing opportunities for beginners. You should just know how to approach your search wisely.

Getting Started

Why did you decide to become a freelance writer? Do you write well? How can you assess your level of English and your grammar skills? It’s great if you are confident in your writing talent. You should also be self-motivated and organized to work from home. Before setting about to seek your first lucrative clients, consider the following things:

  • Your niche
  • Define what services you are going to offer. Consider your knowledge and previous experience. It doesn’t make sense to appeal to the masses if you want to earn much. Whether you have the medical, educational, or economic background, make use of this knowledge and take your niche.

  • Samples
  • Clients usually ask for the samples of previous works, and it’s quite normal. Do you have any articles, stories, or essays to share? If not, take the time to write a couple of texts in your area of expertise. You may also create your blog or website and post your articles there.

  • Tools
  • Online writers use different tools that make things easier. Update your word processing program. Install or sign up for any grammar, spelling, and plagiarism checker.

Looking for Clients

Beginners can find well-paid writing jobs in a variety of places, and the following tips will come in handy:

  • Go to a content mill.
  • All you need to do is create an account and write a sample article. Your skills will be rated. The higher rating you get, the more you will be paid for your work. Be careful when choosing a content mill to write for since many of them pay very little.

  • Browse the job boards.
  • There are lots of job boards for freelancers where decent openings can be found. Try to find a specialized job board in your niche as well. By getting access to exclusive job listings, you improve your chances to earn more.

  • Network.
  • Register in any community for freelancers to be aware of all news in the field and network with writers in your niche. Online writers often share interesting job leads, so don’t lose this chance.


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