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How To Get Legit Freelance Writing Jobs From Home

Work from home does appear as a remarkably convenient way of life; but for many, the marriage with convenience soon ends, and the music begins to desert them. There is actually no case of fairytale romance; freelancers have to rough it out, even if from the safer confines of their home.

There are quite a few legit freelance writing jobs you can pursue. Here are the details

  1. Ghost writer – This is the most popular freelance job. Herein, you get a series of different assignments to be covered from home. You however do not get credit for your work; you merely have to contend with the payments per assignments.
  2. Blogger – You may either start your own blog or join another blogger’s site wherein you may or may not get credit for the work. The payment is generally standard but you may be in for a significant rise if the blog site does well.
  3. Business writer – You may pose as an efficient business writer, writing business plans, memorandums or penning minutes of seminars or important meetings in crisp language.
  4. Music writer – You may work as a freelance music writer in the capacity of a song writer, a critic or a music composer. It is however necessary to have thorough knowledge of the type of music you are handling.
  5. Erotica writer – This is a growing industry, much like visual porn. There are many people who love to read erotica and you may need to write short stories or even a lengthy series on incest, general sex, threesomes, BDSM and the likes. Innovation is the key here.
  6. Project-specific writer – You may be given a sequence of articles on a project which you are an expert at. Say, if you are a sports enthusiast, you may be told to cover the Soccer World Cup as a freelancer.
  7. Motivational writer – You may be asked to write essence articles or motivational pieces to relieve the stress-laden gentry of the world.
  8. E-book writer – You may be employed as a freelancer to write a 10,000-20,000 words e-books on different subjects; therapies, weight loss, woodwork, architecture et al.
  9. Data entry – You may also join the bus as a data entry operator wherein you merely have to copy pdf files or videos into transcripts. In the same vein, you may also pose as a medical transcription writer.

Please note that the list is not exhaustive. There are a number of other disciplines which require work from home. They may be technical, subject-oriented or creative.


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